21st Century Lifeskills
Item #: SB2301
Interest Level: Gr. 7–Adult
Reading Level: 4
Components: Reproducible Student Worktexts
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Introduce young people to the must have skills and concepts they' ll need to enter the adult world.

Rewritten and updated for the changes and challenges of the modern world, these ten 48-page student worktexts align to the Framework for the 21st Century Learning. Key interdisciplinary themes include financial, economic, business, and entrepreneurial literacy; civic literacy; and health literacy. Key life and career skills are addressed.

This program is ideal for:

  • Special Education / Special Needs
  • Struggling Learners
  • Students-at-Risk
  • Learning Disabled
  • Remedial Education
  • Differentiated Education

Features include:

  •  Preview and Review exercises introduce and wrap up each unit
  •  Emphasis on essential, topic-related vocabulary
  •  A topic-related Everyday Math application in every lesson

21st Century Lifeskills Handbooks

Combining practical content with visual appeal, the 21st Century Lifeskills handbooks read more like a magazine than a book. Highly readable with full-color photographs, a smaller trim size (6" x 9"), and an eye-popping layout, these 120-page handbooks are great for teaching life skills to a twenty-first century population. The 10 handbooks in this series will provide readers a thorough and nonthreatening introduction to the multi-dimensional competencies, concepts, and vocabulary they need to achieve independence- including community resources, job searching, money management, job etiquette, health, moving, and more. Used alone or in conjunction with the 21st Century Lifeskills Worktexts, these handbooks offer students a unique visual way to achieve real world literacy.

21st Century Lifeskills Worktexts

32 Compact two-page lessons are each tightly focused on a particular subtopic to guarantee comprehension and build a foundation for further practice and skill development. Back-of-the-book list of key words. Preview & Review exercises introduce & wrap up each unit. "Everyday Math" application in every lesson.

21st Century Lifeskills Teacher's Resource Guide Thumb Drive

Available on thumb drive separately as SB2321WB and as part of the Lifeskills Worktext Sample Set SB2322WB, includes 60 reproducible exercises, six per worktext, to support and extend the primary instruction. Besides reinforcing the topic-related instruction, these ancillary worksheets are designed to strengthen critical language-arts skills. Complete answer keys for both the worktext lessons and the reproducible are also provided in this guide.

Titles include:

Moving Out on Your OwnMoving Out on Your Own

Units include: Readiness for Independence; Short-Term and Long-Term Goals; Understanding Rights and Responbilities; Budgeting Time and Money 





Health and SafetyHealth and Safety

Units include: Prevention: The Best Cure; Getting Medical Attention; Handling Health Problems; Avoiding Health Hazards 







Job Search Job Search

Units include: Workplace Readiness; Occupational Training; Applying for a Job; The Job Interview 





Getting Ahead at WorkGetting Ahead at Work

Units include: Off to a Good Start; Learning the Job; Succeeding on the Job; Workplace Problems and Solutions





Community ResourcesCommunity Resources

Units include: Your Taxes at Work; Emergency Assistance; Services for Workers; Services for Citizens 





Public Transportation and Travel

Public Transportation and Travel

Units include: Commuting to School and Work; Taking the Bus; Traveling by Train or Plane; Planning a Vacation





Car and DriverCar and Driver

Units include: Becoming a Good Driver; Buying a Car; Maintenance and Repair; Driving and the Law

Item# Products Price
SB2951WB Moving Out on Your Own HandBook
$ 18.49
SB2305WB Health and Safety Worktext
$ 16.99
SB2505WB Health and Safety Worktext (Set of 10) $ 155.00
SB2953WB Health and Safety HandBook
$ 18.49
SB2954WB Managing Money HandBook
$ 18.49
SB2955WB Consumer Spending HandBook
$ 18.49
SB2956WB Job Search HandBook
$ 18.49
SB2957WB Getting Ahead at Work HandBook
$ 19.99
SB2315WB Community Resources Worktext
$ 16.99
SB2515WB Community Resources Worktext (Set of 10) $ 155.00
SB2958WB Community Resources HandBook
$ 18.49
SB2959WB Transportation and Travel HandBook
$ 18.49
SB2319WB Car and Driver Worktext
$ 16.99
SB2519WB Car and Driver Worktext (Set of 10) $ 155.00
SB2960WB Car and Driver HandBook
$ 18.49
SB2321WB 21st Century Life Skills Guide
$ 26.99
SB2322WB Lifeskills Worktext Sample Set (1 each of all 4 Worktexts + Teachers' Resource Guide Thumb Drive) $ 128.00
SB2961WB Lifeskills HandBook Sample Set (1 each of all 9 HandBooks) $ 160.00