400 Words That Work
Item #: WL2076
Interest Level: Gr. 5–Adult
Reading Level: 4
Components: Student Worktexts and Teacher's Guides
Sale Price: $25.00

Revised and updated! This perennial best-seller offers real-life vocabulary lessons that give your students the tools they need for success outside the classroom. Low-literacy and ESL students can use the convenient student activity text to understand and learn 400 essential words by seeing exactly how they are used in everyday life. You will be able to use this handy teacher guide to gauge your students' progress. Each of the 20 lessons in the activity text presents 20 new terms as they might appear in a real-life document. Updated lessons, plus a new section of computer terminology, make the content interesting and relevant to today's students.

Each lesson includes:

  1. A typical document, such as a lease or job application, to present the new vocabulary;
  2. A dictionary page giving the pronunciation and definition for each word;
  3. Sentence completion exercises for practice in using the vocabulary in context;
  4. Word study quizzes to teach about related words and word parts; and
  5. A quiz in which students complete sentences with appropriate words and write their own sentences using selected vocabulary.

The teacher guide gives complete instructional materials that include detailed teaching directions, extension activities, help for ESL students, and answer keys for each lesson. These relevant, real-life activities provide the kind of repetition and review students need to succeed.

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