AGS Earth Science 2012
Item #: GF3521
Interest Level: Gr. 5–Adult
Reading Level: 3.5
Components: Textbook, Student Workbook, Teacher's Edition
Sale Price: $96.49


From atoms to oceans, a world of science awaits your students

This contemporary full-color textbook is designed for easy-to comprehend instruction on the earth, planets, atoms, elements, oceans, and climate. Practical application of science concepts helps students overcome common misconceptions and puts material in an environmental context.


  • Short, concise lessons that hold students' interest
  • Incorporates STEM features to show how science is so closely related to technology, engineering and math
  • Chapter Goals with explanations of basic principles
  • Controlled vocabulary to ensure reading mastery
  • Definitions of key vocabulary words in margin notes
  • Science Investigations throughout student text
  • Science In Your Life to help students apply skills to everyday life

The Student Workbook features activities that extend and reinforce basic concepts while the Laboratory Manual provides activities that turn abstract theory into concrete action by using manipulation, observation, measurement, description, and classification.

This program is ideal for:

  • Special Education / Special Needs
  • Struggling Learners
  • Students-at-Risk
  • Learning Disabled
  • Remedial Education
  • Differentiated Education
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GF3521WB Earth Science TextBook
$ 96.49
GF3522WB Earth Science Teacher's Edition
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GF3523WB Earth Science WorkBook
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GF3524WB Earth Science WorkBook (Set of 10) $ 310.00
GF3525WB Earth Science WorkBook Answer Key $ 15.99
GF3528WB Earth Science Manual Answer Key $ 14.99