Amber Guardians High Interest Readers
Item #: PB1111
Interest Level: Gr. 3–12
Reading Level: Gr. 2–4
Components: Book Set and Student Workbook
Sale Price: $97.00

Each of the 26 page stories in this quest series is carefully written to motivate older readers and build reading stamina. With a higher ratio of text to illustration, these stories allow the reader to make the important step towards understanding meaning purely from text. Action packed from start to finish, this exciting new series features Finn, a well known character from the Magic Belt Phonic Series. A chance discovery of an ancient necklace at an old bazaar soon leads Finn and his friends on an incredible quest. Why is there only one Amber jewel remaining in the necklace? What does the nervous old man hiding in the room of the antique shop know about it? Why are the three friends being followed by a hooded figure in the shadows? The answer to these questions turns out to be something none of them could ever have possibly imagined…

This series is accompanied by a 225 page reproducible workbook to help students develop reading, spelling, and comprehension through the study of English morphemes. This workbook is written in British English, so a few words are spelled slightly different from American English.

Class Special Includes: 5 Sets of Books (50 Books total) and 1 Workbook

Item# Products Price
PB1111WB Amber Guardians Books (Set of 10) (USAG1)
$ 97.00
PB1112WB Amber Guardians Workbook (USAG2)
$ 49.00
PB1113WB Amber Guardians Class Special $ 485.00