Barron's GED
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Interest Level: Gr. 9–Adult
Reading Level: Gr. 9–Adult
Components: Workbooks, CD-ROM, and Flash Cards
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a punch hole in one corner to accommodate a metal key-ring-style card holder enclosed in the card box. Test takers can use the ring to arrange their flash cards in any sequence that suits their study needs.

Barron's GED Math Workbook: This self-teaching workbook offers extensive preparation and brush-up in math for all who plan to take the GED High School Equivalency Test. A diagnostic test with answers is presented to help test takers assess their strengths and weaknesses. The math review that follows is supplemented with hundreds of exercises. All GED math topics are covered, including measurement, geometry, algebra, number relations, and data analysis. Four practice tests with answers reflect questions and question types found on the actual GED.

Barron's GED Writing Workbook: Expressing oneself clearly and grammatically in writing is an essential requirement for test takers' success on the GED High School Equivalency Exam. This workbook gives them the preparation they need, presenting a progressive series of exercises with all questions answered. The exercises begin by testing students on grammar fundamentals, sentence structure, and paragraph construction. Chapters that follow present exercises in planning an essay and organizing one' s thoughts, writing a first draft, revising and polishing it, and evaluating the finished work. To help students assess their learning progress, the author presents clear, easy-to-understand standards for essay evaluation in addition to practice essays and a posttest with answer explanations.

Essential Words for the GED: This word-power builder helps GED test-takers strengthen the vocabulary they already have. It is focused to sharpen their knowledge and understanding of prefixes, suffixes, and compound words, while adding many new words to their personal vocabularies. A list of 400 words with definitions that all GED test-takers must know is presented. The author also presents word-building exercise questions with answers.

Pass Key to the GED: This fully updated test preparation guide is a shorter version of the Barron s How to Prepare for the GEDŽ Test, 2nd Edition. Designed for test-takers who need only moderate preparation before taking the exam, Pass Key to the GED, 2nd Edition provides an overview and explanation of all four major subject areas of the GED test:

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Social Studies
  • Science
In addition to describing the GED test in great detail, including the format of the test, the features of the computerized test, and the different question types, this book includes extensive review of all of these subject areas. This book concludes with one full-length model test that covers all four sections. This test includes the different GED question types that students need to know, and every question on this model test contains detailed answers and explanations.

Barron's GED-Spanish Edition: The updated Spanish language edition of Barron' s GED test prep manual reflects the most recent GED High School Equivalency Exams in subject matter, length, question types, and degree of difficulty. Featuring a full-length diagnostic test, and two full-length practice exams, this manual is presented entirely in Spanish for Spanish-speakers who intend to take the GED' s Spanish language version. The diagnostic test' s questions come with answer keys, answer analyses, and self-appraisal charts. All questions in both GED practice exams are answered and explained. The book features extensive review in all test areas, which include Spanish grammar and essay writing,social studies, science, arts and literature, and math.

Barron's GED Canada: Specifically focused to prepare Canadian test takers for the GED high school equivalency exams, this new edition covers Canadian literature and Canadian social studies topics, balanced by a global perspective. It reflects the unique features found exclusively on the Canadian GED, and uses metric units for relevant math subject review and questions. It also presents a full-length diagnostic test with answer keys, answer analyses, and self-appraisal charts. Two additional GED practice exams reflection the actual Canadian GED in length, question types, and degree of difficulty. All questions are answered and explained.

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