Big Changes, Big Choices DVD Series
Item #: LV2641
Interest Level: Gr. 5 – 9
Reading Level: 0
Components: Video DVD's
Sale Price: $69.99


Young adolescents discover that they have the power to make the right choices

The TV cameras follow comedian/teen counselor Michael Pritchard to middle schools in different regions of the U.S. as he thrills his young listeners with unusual humor about growing up, and engages groups of teens in highly productive problem-solving sessions about serious issues that affect their lives.

Each volume in the series is approximately 25 minutes in length. A facilitator's guide is included on each video which contains discussion questions, writing assignments, and follow-up activities that support the lesson.

Item# Products Price
LV2641WB The Three R's of Growing Up DVD $ 69.99
LV2642WB You and Your Values DVD $ 69.99
LV2643WB Enhancing Self Esteem DVD $ 69.99
LV2644WB Setting & Achieving Goals DVD $ 69.99
LV2645WB Dealing with Pressures DVD $ 69.99
LV2646WB Handling Emotions DVD $ 69.99
LV2647WB Preventing Conflicts and Violence DVD $ 69.99
LV2648WB Saying NO to Alcohol & Other Drugs DVD $ 69.99
LV2649WB Speaking of Sex DVD $ 69.99
LV2650WB Friendship DVD $ 69.99
LV2651WB Getting Along with Parents DVD $ 69.99
LV2652WB Respecting Others DVD $ 69.99
LV2653WB Big Changes Big Choices Complete Series (12 DVD's) $ 770.00