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Item #: AP1070
Interest Level: Gr. 9–Adult
Reading Level: Gr. Pre K–2
Components: Textbook, Workbook and Instructor's Guide
Sale Price: $219.00

CAREER CHOICES helps students answer the questions: Who am I?, What do I want?, How do I get it?. This addition to the popular and critically acclaimed Choices series is every bit as innovative, entertaining and important as its predecessors. Using the same self-discovery approach that makes the other books so valuable and popular, CAREER CHOICES presents not only the traditional decision making and career/life planning skills, but also the important concepts of anxiety tolerance, recognizing and using mentors, dealing with rejection and over-coming irrational fears in a way teens and young adults can easily grasp. As readers uncover their unique abilities and ambitions, they develop the skills and attitudes needed to build successful careers and lives in rapidly changing times. "User friendly" for student and instructor alike, CAREER CHOICES helps teens and young adults learn more about the most important subject in their world: Themselves!

Teachers who've begun to use the curriculum are excited by the results. There seems to be a kind of synergy at work. Once students realize how education will benefit them in the future "what's in it for me" they apply themselves to all their studies. Not surprisingly, their performance improves, and this encourages them to work even more diligently. Success feeds enthusiasm, which inspires still more success and so on!

This textbook consists of 288 81/2" x 11" beautifully illustrated pages printed on a special heavy duty soft colored stock. The book is Smythe Sewn before binding to insure their durability.

The student workbook includes all exercises from the textbook and dramatically reduces the cost per student by allowing the texts to be used non-consumably.

A single volume provides comprehensive guidance for teachers and counselors alike. You'll find exercise by exercise organization plans, discussion outlines, resource materials, classroom extension ideas, vocabulary lists, recommended reading lists and much more.

This new volume was adapted from CAREER CHOICES to be used with a more mature audience: college students, career changers, reentry workers or anyone still wrestling with the important questions of identity, life satisfaction and future planning. It covers all the topics in CAREER CHOICES but is edited to include more age-appropriate stories and examples. An additional comprehensive section on change helps readers decide not only what to change, but how and when to most strategically make their move. The teacher s guide from CAREER CHOICES may be used with the program.

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AP1070WB Career Choices Textbook
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AP1071WB Career Choices Textbook (Set of 10) $ 360.00
AP1075WB Career Choices Student Workbook
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AP1076WB Career Choices Student Workbook (Set of 10) $ 160.00
AP1080WB Career Choices Instructor's Guide
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