Connected Lives Series
Item #: SB4101
Interest Level: Gr. 7–12
Reading Level: Gr. 3–4
Components: High Interest Readers
Sale Price: $110.00


Contemporary Teen Nonfiction

Theme: Music

Connected Lives, a contemporary nonfiction series for teens, features the fascinating life stories of popular artists. Each book presents two singers in a similar musical genre who have lived extraordinary lives, exploring how their lives interconnect and how they are different. As similar as these artists may seem, their rise to fame may have been very different. Multiple musical genres are represented across the series, including pop, hip-hop, jazz, and country. Graphic elements, such as timelines, charts, and Venn diagrams, are featured in every chapter.

Books are 64 pages each and full color.

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SB4101WB Connected Lives Complete Series (8 Titles) $ 110.00
SB4102WB Ariana Grande / Camila Cabello Lexile Level HL660L
$ 13.99
SB4103WB Ed Sheeran / Shawn Mendes Lexile Level HL650L
$ 13.99
SB4104WB Halsey / Billie Eilish Lexile Level HL650L $ 13.99
SB4105WB John Legend / Michaeel Buble Lexile Level HL640L $ 13.99
SB4106WB Kacey Musgraves / Maren Morris Lexile Level HL650L $ 13.99
SB4107WB Kane Brown / Sam Hunt Lexile Level HL600L $ 13.99
SB4108WB Kendrick Lamar / Travis Scott Lexile Level HL650L $ 13.99
SB4109WB Nicki Minaj / Cardi B Lexile Level HL670L $ 13.99