Connecting Content and Language for English language Learners
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Provides engaging and challenging learning environments for all English language learners!

English learners face the task of trying to problem-solve their way through content while learning a new language. Content-area teachers face the task of meeting the demands of teaching content standards while supporting the linguistic needs of every student. This powerful 176 page resource helps teachers develop the strategies to teach their subject matter in a way that empowers all students to learn.

This resource clearly defines and supports the implementation of Integrated English Language Development (I-ELD). It provides research-based instructional strategies to immerse students in content while promoting oral and written language development. By implementing this resource into instruction, teachers will be able to:

  • Scaffold writing instruction across all disciplines
  • Use specific strategies to teach academic language and comprehensible input and output
  • Support English learners in accessing, interpreting, using, and producing language across all content areas


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