DAR-2: Diagnostic Assessments of Reading-Second Edition
Item #: YP1761WB
Interest Level: Ages 5–Adult
Reading Level: 0
Components: Test, Manual, Record Forms and Scoring Software

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The Diagnostic Assessments of Reading Second Edition (DAR-2) provides a comprehensive assessment of individual student achievement in print awareness, phonological awareness, letters and sounds, word recognition, word analysis, oral reading accuracy and fluency, silent reading comprehension, spelling, and word meaning.

Scoring and Administration

The teacher/test administrator simultaneously administers and scores DAR tests, marking students responses as correct, incorrect, or omitted. A mastery criterion has been set for each test, and the student continues with each test until a highest mastery level has been established.


  • Classroom Kit A (Teacher s Manual A, Student Book A, 30 Response Record Forms - A, and TTS for Five Users)
  • Classroom Kit B (Teacher s Manual B, Student Book B, 30 Response Record Forms - B, and TTS for Five Users)

User Qualifications:

To administer this test at least a master' s degree is required, with state licensure OR certification from a professional organization (ASHA, AOTA, APA, AERA, ACA, AMA, NASP, NAN, INS) that requires formal training and experience in ethics, psychometrics, statistics, and scoring and interpretation. Tests of perceptual, academic, and functional processes used in schools, clinics and rehabilitation settings are of this level.  All test users, regardless of level and profession, are expected to abide by the standards set forth by the APA, AERA and NCME regarding the ethical use, protection and dissemination of all test materials. All orders for the products listed below, must be placed on official institutional purchase order forms or professional letterhead.

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Item# Products Price
YP1761YY DAR-2: Complete Kit Form A with TTS $ 286.00
YP1763YY DAR-2: Response Record Form A (15) $ 87.00
YP1764YY DAR-2: Response Record Form B (15) $ 87.00
YP1766YY DAR-2: Student Book A $ 87.00
YP1767YY DAR-2: Student Book B $ 87.00
YP1768YY DAR-2: Teacher's Manual A $ 34.00
YP1769YY DAR-2: Teacher's Manual B $ 34.00
YP1770YY DAR-2: Complete Kit Form B with TTS $ 286.00