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Differentiated Classic Literature Series

Differentiated Classic Literature Series

Item #: SL1001
Sale Price: $14.99
Interest Level:
Gr. 4–Adult
Reading Level:
Gr. 3–10
Hard Cover Classics

Differentiation for students studying classic literature.

Handsome and Collectible, these Classics Redefine Our Most Beloved Stories.

The unabridged editions are 6 1/4" x 8" hardcover books with jackets. The books feature striking illustrations by Scott McKowen. At the end of each book is a series of insightful questions that will inspire discussion and a deeper understanding of the stories.

The abridged (retold) editions are 5 3/8" x 7 1/2" hardcover books. These provide younger students or struggling learners the opportunity to read the same classic stories as their peers who are reading on-level. Each title has been expertly rewritten and features book club questions plus an afterward by noted educator Arthur Pober, Ed.D.

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Item# Products Price
SL1007WB Black Beauty Unabridged $ 9.99
SL1050WB Frankenstein Abridged $ 7.99
SL1053WB Gulliver's Travels Abridged $ 6.99
SL1055WB Journey to the Center of the Earth Abridged $ 7.99
SL1058WB Little Women Abridged $ 6.99
SL1059WB Oliver Twist Abridged $ 7.99
SL1061WB Pinocchio Abridged $ 6.99
SL1022WB Pollyanna Unabridged $ 9.99
SL1063WB Robinson Crusoe Abridged $ 6.99
SL1023WB Robinson Crusoe Unabridged $ 9.99
SL1024WB Secret Garden Unabridged $ 9.99
SL1042WB The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Abridged $ 6.99
SL1002WB The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Unabridged $ 14.99
SL1043WB The Adventures of Robin Hood Abridged $ 7.99
SL1003WB The Adventures of Robin Hood Unabridged $ 14.99
SL1044WB The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Abridged $ 6.99
SL1045WB The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Abridged $ 7.99
SL1066WB The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Abridged $ 6.99
SL1069WB Voyages of Doctor Dolittle Abridged $ 6.99
SL1071WB Wind in the Willows Abridged $ 6.99