Explore Personal Care
Item #: AT1171
Interest Level: Gr. 6–12
Reading Level: Gr. Pre K–2
Components: Student Guides, Activity Cards, Teacher Guide and Software
Sale Price: $46.00

Teaches a wide range of independent living skills by focusing on a manageable number of activities: 35 for women, 31 for men. Activities include the basics like brushing teeth and taking showers as well as buying clothes and getting along with friends. This blended curriculum seamlessly integrates print materials with video , software, and an iPad app. The blended approach increases student engagement while helping you teach students with varying abilities and learning preferences. The goal of the program is to provide a structured, step-by-step training program in basic personal care skills for young men and women who would benefit from personal care instruction.

This program features two gender-specific Survival Guide books with corresponding sets of Activity Cards. These student books are an encyclopedia of personal care activities with problem solving and comprehension quizzes. Activities are presented in a consistent sequence: photo preview, vocabulary, facts, step-by-step illustrations, and helpful tips . Activity Cards help students create and follow personal routines.

The Teacher's Guide includes lesson plans, activity performance checklists, sample Survival Guide pages, and quick reference codes linked to the Personal Care videos. The 19 video segments provided on DVD present the big ideas in the curriculum- like Taking Care of your Smile and Being Social and Safe.

The Introductory Kit includes two Survival Guides with Activity Cards, one for women, one for men; Activity Card Holder; DVD; Teacher's Manual with a PDF on Win/Mac CD and a Classroom License for printouts; Personal Success Software and Personal Success iPad App.

The Classroom Kit includes eight Survival Guides with Activity Cards, four for women, four for men; 2 Activity Card Holders, plus all other items in the Introductory Kit.

This program is ideal for:

  • Special Education / Special Needs
  • Struggling Learners
  • Students-at-Risk
  • Learning Disabled
  • Remedial Education
  • Differentiated Education
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AT1171WB Explore Personal Care Book for Men
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AT1173WB Explore Personal Care Teacher Guide
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AT1174WB Explore Personal Care Introductory kit $ 329.00
AT1175WB Explore Personal Care Classroom Kit $ 582.00