Global Studies
Item #: PF2041
Interest Level: Gr. 6–12
Reading Level: 0
Components: Hardcover Textbook, Online Edition and Teacher Manual
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Students discover the foundation on which the present is based through the study of important human developments.

Strengthen basic social studies skills as well as critical thinking skills through the study of past and present civilizations.


  • Contemporary crises and global concerns are examined in the context of the region's location, history and culture
  • Provides frequent opportunities for critical thinking within each chapter
  • Students compare the past and present and draw parallel between eras and cultures
  • Includes biographies of historical figures and their accounts
  • Selected historical terms and vocabulary words are italicized, defined, and used in context the first time they appear in the text.
  • Chapter reviews include short-answer and essay questions

Teacher's Manual: Provides practical lesson plans to support each chapter, including objectives and ideas for introducing teaching summarizing and extending the lesson.

Online Edition: 6 Year license - 25 unit minimum purchase - Requires Internet access

Class Set includes: 10 Hardcover Textbooks and 1 Teacher's Manual

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PF2041WB Global Studies TextBook $ 24.99
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PF2043WB Global Studies Class Set $ 260.00
PF2044WB Global Studies Online Edition 6-Year License - 25 Student Minimum Purchase - Requires Internet Access - Price is Per Student $ 24.99