Hands-On Math 2 Curriculum
Item #: AT1301
Interest Level: Gr. 3–Adult
Reading Level: Gr. Pre K–2
Components: Student Book, Student Workbook, Instructor's Guide, Activity Sheets and Manipulatives
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Innovative picture-based lessons with manipulatives.

Hands-On Math 2 (HOM 2) helps students of any age who struggle with math. It begins where Hands-On Math (shown left) leaves off, and progresses to tackle tough concepts like integers and fractions. The Look at Math Instructor s Guide presents 120 lessons divided into three units: Numbers, Measurement, Fractions. Each lesson incorporates the Look at Math Student Book plus a comprehensive set of manipulatives. Look at Math is heavily illustrated to help students grasp the concepts. The manipulatives, consisting of 12 interchangeable number lines and sets of color coded number pieces, make solving abstract problems easy. Together they encourage all students to participate and succeed at math.

Each of the 12 chapters in Look at Math follows the same 22- page format: Big Ideas, Vocabulary, Picture It practice pages, Story Problems, Quizzes, and a Challenge exercise. The Instructor s Guide integrates Look at Math pages with the hands-on number lines. The Guide also provides a disc with PDFs of the Look at Math book plus additional assessments.

Look at Math Student Book Chapters Unit One: Numbers Includes Add and Subtract, Multiply and Divide, Positive and Negative Numbers, and Algebra.

Unit Two: Measurement includes: Standard and Metric Measures, Time, Money, and Measure Geometric Shapes Unit Three: Fractions includes: Compare Fractions, Add and Subtract Fractions, and Working with Fractions.

The Hands-On Math 2 Curriculum Plus Kit Includes: 12 interchangeable number lines with corresponding number pieces, pegs, fract

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