Learn About Life Curriculum
Item #: AT1311
Interest Level: Gr. 6–Adult
Reading Level: Gr. Pre K–2
Components: Student Resources and Instructor's Guide
Sale Price: $99.00


An illustrated, skills-based sex education and social skills program for adolescents and adults

Learn About Life is an illustrated sex education and social skills program with straight-forward, candid graphics and simple text. Effective for students who don't understand euphemisms or veiled explanations, but need to know what's going on with their bodies, what is appropriate and how to stay safe. Learn About Life makes this task easier, for both the learner and the instructor. This program is ideal for students with limited to no reading ability.

The instructor' s guide has six chapters: Your Body-My Body, Being a Woman, Being a Man, Having a Baby, Be Safe and Relationships. Each chapter provides up to eight lessons, 40 in all. Lessons detail objectives and teaching suggestions.

Student resources feature six laminated, full-color booklets. All concepts are tastefully but clearly illustrated. Cover-up stickers are included so you can edit the material as necessary.

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