Monarch Jungle Chapter Books
Item #: SB4081
Interest Level: Gr. 6–12
Reading Level: Gr. 1–2
Components: High Interest Readers
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Hi-Lo Fiction Chapter Books for Teens

This series of books was designed specifically for struggling teen readers. The contemporary fiction is written at accessible levels and provides substantive content without being edgy. The relatable plots appeal to teens, especially those who are reluctant to read. Books in the series quickly grab their interest with fast-paced storylines that feature realistic, sometimes larger-than-life teen characters readers can identify with or would like to know. Then there is an unexpected twist. The characters' lives are suddenly on the edge- of fame, fear, or even sanity. 

Each book is approximately 10,000 words and 80 pages.


Art SeenArt Seen Lexile: HL190L
Marta loves to draw. It's a way to take out her frustrations. The drawing of a school bully on fire was only a joke. Who knew it would come true? Then there was the bomb threat. But that had to be a coincidence. Soon it seems all of Marta's drawings are coming to life. When she draws a mysterious place over and over, nothing will stop her from finding it, whatever danger she may face.






AvalancheAvalanche Lexile: HL210L
Day one at her new school stinks. Andrea wears the wrong outfit. Every subject seems challenging. The two students who show an interest in her spend an afternoon in detention. Are they troublemakers? A ski trip sparks joy. Back home, she was on the ski team. There was nothing like cutting through fresh powder. As the new kid, Andrea hopes to impress her classmates. The resort's loose snow is too tempting. The girls ski out-of-bounds. But after a few turns, the mountain rumbles.





Blurred RealityBlurred Reality Lexile: HL170L
Grunt Games has created a new video game. World Quest is beyond virtual reality. Players use thoughts to control their avatars. They wear sensors and feel everything. Elite gamer Alden Nash is asked to test the game. As Black Heart, he'll battle three other gamers to find a cure to save Earth. What he ends up finding is a piece of code. This wasn't part of the game. It could be the key to winning- or losing his mind.






Cloud WarriorCloud Warrior Lexile: HL210L
For a kid who can predict weather, Raul really messed up. As he and his friend Juan head out in their kayaks, storm clouds fill the sky. Raul isn't too worried. For him, there's nothing like facing nature. Bad weather. Raging water. The wilderness He'll take it all on. But then he sees Maria, the one girl he cares about. Why is she here? And will Raul be ready to face a different kind of danger? The human kind.






InstafamousInstafamous Lexile: HL190L
Kevin Sanders was feeling the love. That's what being a social media star was about. Having millions of fans and even more money. And why shouldn't he? Kevin worked hard for it. All the prank videos he made. His pictures on Instagram. Companies should pay him to be part of that fame. He never thought it would all go away. What did he do wrong?






Lost in TimeLost in Time Lexile: HL210L
Tansy is comfy in her pj's. She's not going to do anything but text. Only two words could ruin this day- little sister. Then Teera needs to go to the library. Tansy has to drive her. Ugh. But she's a good big sister, so she does it. On the way home, she's forced to take a detour. It wouldn't be bad, but Tansy doesn't know the roads. They're only leading the girls farther from home. When and where will the nightmare end?






Summer LakeSummer Lake Lexile: HL190L
Cora is an energetic teen. She loves nature. Coming up is a hike to a lake with her best friend, Rayna. Cora's big brother agrees to take them. The plan is set! It's all Cora can think about. She makes to-do lists for herself and Rayna. Rayna isn't thrilled, but she loves her friend. And they might find treasure. Then problems threaten the trip. Cora loses control of her plans, temper, and closest relationships.






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SB4084WB Blirred Reality Lexile Level HL170L
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SB4085WB Cloud Warrior Lexile Level HL210L
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SB4086WB Instafamous Lexile Level HL190L
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SB4087WB Lost in Time Lexile Level HL210L
$ 10.99
SB4088WB Summer Lake Lexile Level HL190L
$ 10.99