Newcomers in Action
Item #: SB3741
Interest Level: Gr. 6–Adult
Reading Level: Gr. 1–2
Components: Fiction and Nonfiction Flip Books
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Nonfiction/Fiction flip books Lexile: 130L to 230L
Each flip book in this 10-book set covers a key life skill necessary for newcomers, such as managing money, finding a job, or starting at a new school. The books also delve into American culture
and expectations. Developed for newcomers reading at the most basic level, the books range in readability from Grade 1.0 1.9 and have Lexile levels of 130L to 230L. Each book is actually two books in one, with a nonfiction side and a fiction side. The nonfiction side teaches students about an important life-skills topic, and the fiction side depicts characters negotiating new skills in real-life situations.

LIFE SKILLS: Newcomers will build practical life skills that are expected of all American teens with this 10-book set each nonfiction side includes a glossary of key terms used in the text and topical conversation questions that help students practice English language skills.

Topics Include: Smart Grocery Shopping, Doing Household Chores, Finding a Place to Live, Moving In, Cooking Your Own Meals, Finding and Keeping a Job, Community Services, Organizing for Success at School, Starting at a New School, and Planning to Save

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