Moon Dogs Phonics Books
Item #: PB1001
Interest Level: Gr. 3–10
Reading Level: Gr. Pre K–2
Components: Student Readers and Reproducible Workbooks
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Designed to equip older, struggling learners with the phonic foundations they need to become fluent readers.

All too often, older readers have gaps in their phonic knowledge and skills which prevents them from making further progress. These high interest phonics books plug the gaps by engaging older readers in age-appropriate, appealing stories while introducing step-by-step phonics within controlled, decodable texts. Once the teacher has taught the target phonics in each book, the student can read the book successfully and independently! This phonic structure ensures that the students develop their  reading skills as they progress through the series. Students will grow in confidence, motivation and self esteem, and will be able to tackle increasingly complex texts.

The Moon Dogs Series offers older readers a chance to start at the very beginning. Attractively illustrated in a contemporary style, the stories surround a group of kids who play in a band. The Magic Belt, Totem, Talisman, and Titan' s Gauntlets Series use the quest genre with fantastic illustrations to motivate those who struggle with reading. Secret symbols, morphing and magic will appeal to older readers. Alba and Rescue are magical series with strong female heroines and will appeal to both girls and boys.

Moon Dogs Series consists of two sets of decodable books (8 Books in each set) designed to appeal to older struggling learners at the very early stages of reading. Engaging contemporary illustrations and entertaining stories will engage readers from grades 3 to 10.

Set 1 introduces sounds of the alphabet at CVC level text.

Set 2 introduces adjacent consonants and consonant digraphs.

Reproducible workbooks compliment each series and provide wordbuilding, reading, spelling, comprehension, games and multisensory activities based on the characters and stories in the series.

Class Specials contain 5 Sets of Books and 1 Reproducible Workbook.

Moon Dogs Series, Set 1

Gradually introduces the initial sounds of the alphabet at CVC level text.

Book 1: s a t i m
Book 2: n o p
Book 3: b c g h
Book 4: d e f v
Book 5: k l r u
Book 6: j w z
Book 7: x y ff ll ss zz
Book 8: CVC

Moon Dogs Series, Set 2

Gradually introduces the initial sounds of the alphabet at CVC level text.

Book 1:CVC
Book 2: VCC, CVCC
Book 3: CCVC
Book 4: CCVCC
Book 5: ch
Book 6: sh
Book 7: th, ng
Book 8: ck, qu

Moon Dogs Extras Set 1

24 books with the same gentle, cumulative scope and sequence as our Moon Dogs Series, Set 1. Provides crucial further practice for the sounds of the alphabet at CVC level text.

Book 1a, 1b and 1c: s a t i m
Book 2a, 2b and 2c: n o p
Book 3a, 3b and 3c: b c g h
Book 4a, 4b and 4c: d e f v
Book 5a, 5b and 5c: k l r u
Book 6a, 6b and 6c: j w z
Book 7a, 7b and 7c : x y ff ll ss zz
Book 8a, 8b and 8c: All initial sounds, CVC

Moon Dogs VCe Series:

Phonic Books Moon Dogs VCe Spellings comprises six books and focuses on silent e spellings and is designed for older children at the early stages of reading.

Book 1: The Shape Game (a-e)
Book 2: These Things (e-e)
Book 3: Bike Ride (i-e)
Book 4: A Good Nose (o-e)
Book 5: A Useful Bag (u-e)
Book 6: A Place to Hide (All spellings)

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PB1001WB Moon Dogs Book Set 1 (MD1)
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PB1002WB Moon Dogs Set 1 Workbook (WMD1)
$ 33.00
PB1003WB Moon Dogs Set 1 Class Special (5 Sets of Books and 1 Workbook) $ 185.00
PB1006WB Moon Dogs Book Set 2 (MD2)
$ 33.00
PB1007WB Moon Dogs Set 2 Workbook (WMD2)
$ 33.00
PB1008WB Moon Dogs Set 2 Class Special (5 Sets of Books and 1 Workbook) $ 185.00
PB1211WB Moon Dog Extras Set 1 (Set of 24 books) (USMDX1) $ 94.00
PB1212WB Moon Dog Extras Set 1 Workbook (USWMDX1) $ 47.00
PB1213WB Moon Dog Extras Class Set (5 sets of books and 1 workbook) $ 485.00
PB1220WB Moon Dogs VCe Book Set (USMD4)  $ 28.00
PB1221WB Moon Dogs VCe Workbook (USWMD4) $ 33.00
PB1222WB Moon Dogs VCe Class Special (5 Sets of Books and 1 Workbook) $ 175.00