Physical Science
Item #: PX1051
Interest Level: Gr. 5–Adult
Reading Level: Gr. 3–4.5
Components: Softcover Student Text, Teacher's Resource, Transparencies
Sale Price: $20.49


Make Physical Science attainable for even struggling readers

Physical Science is an abbreviated version of a traditional basal program, written at a low reading level with high-interest page layout and age-appropriate, up-to-date visuals.

The full-color, 80-page Student Text presents critical physical science lessons in an easy-to-read format. Full-color photographs, charts, and tables are used throughout to help students visualize the content. Science vocabulary is defined and highlighted throughout the text.

Contents: Matter, Describing Matter, Motion & Forces, Wind & Energy, Heat, Sound, Light, Electricity, and Magnetism.

The Student Activity Journal reinforces the material in the student text, demonstrations, and labs. On each page, students use graphic organizers to review what they have learned, then write a short paragraph to respond to a prompt.

The Teacher's Resource features reproducible activity sheets, teacher demonstrations, laboratories with teacher notes and student lab data sheets, chapter reviews, chapter tests, and answer keys. This Physical Science program has been written to comply with and meet the standards and objectives of the National Science Education Standards.

The Transparency Package features 10 transparencies of key diagrams and photos from the Student Text.

Save with Class Sets!

The Class  Set includes: 10 Student Texts, 1 Teacher's Resource, and 1 Transparency Pack.
The Classroom Set includes: 10 Student Texts, 10 Activity Journals, 1 Teacher's Resource, and 1 Transparency Pack.

This program is ideal for:

  • Special Education / Special Needs
  • Struggling Learners
  • Students-at-Risk
  • Learning Disabled
  • Remedial Education
  • Differentiated Education
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PX1051WB Physical Science Student Text
$ 20.49
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PX1381WB Physical Science Activity Journal
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PX1382WB Physical Science Activity Journal (Set of 10) $ 230.00
PX1053WB Physical Science Teacher's Resource $ 81.99
PX1054WB Physical Science Transparency Pack $ 28.49
PX1055WB Physical Science Class Set $ 300.00
PX1056WB Physical Science Classroom Set $ 525.00