Real Life Math Level 1
Item #: RE1651
Interest Level: Gr. 2–Adult
Reading Level: Gr. 1–2
Components: Reproducible Activity Books and Full Color Menu's
Sale Price: $9.99


A terrific way to teach consumer math!

These fun and effective books teach simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication through the use of real-life situations and visual cues. Students will have a great time as they refer to the colorful lists to figure costs when spending money at a restaurant, market, or department store. From pizza to pancakes and sunglasses to soap, the easy-to-read price lists generate hundreds of simple rebus and word problems sure to improve any students s math skills. Great for visual learners and those with limited reading ability.

Skills Include:

  • Choosing an operation in everyday math situations
  • Analyzing visual information
  • Adding subtracting & multiplying money
Item# Products Price
RE1651WB Menu Math for Beginners Activity Book $ 9.99
RE1652WB Menu Math for Beginners Extra Menus (6) $ 6.99
RE1653WB Market Math for Beginners Activity Book $ 9.99
RE1654WB Market Math for Beginners Extra Menus (6) $ 6.99
RE1655WB Department Store Math Activity Book $ 9.99
RE1656WB Department Store Math Extra Menus $ 6.99
RE1657WB Real Life Math Level 1 Class Pack (1 ea of all 6 titles above) $ 44.99