Real-Life Science Series
Item #: WL7001
Interest Level: Gr. 9–Adult
Reading Level: Gr. 5–6
Components: Reproducible Activity Books
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25 lessons based on questions that students really ask.

The Real-Life Science series is designed to engage students with topics of high interest that involve places, phenomena, technology, and concepts that they may encounter in their everyday lives.

Each of the four titles in the series contains 25 lessons. The lessons include explanations, teaching notes, student activities, optional extensions, and answer keys.

Sample lessons:


  • How Does Antiperspirant Stop Me from Sweating?
  • Why Doesn’t Chewing Gum Dissolve When I Chew It?
  • Why Do Pop Rocks® Pop?


  • Why Do Worms Come Out After It Rains?
  • How Do Seedless Watermelons Reproduce If They Don' t Have Seeds?
  • What Causes an Ice-Cream Headache?

Earth Science

  • Why Are Waves on the West Coast Larger Than on the East Coast?
  • How Close Are We to Making Hydrogen Power a Reality?
  • What Are Green Buildings?


  • How Does Bulletproof Glass Work?
  • How Does a Call Find My Cell Phone?
  • How Does a Microwave Oven Heat Food?

Each lesson addresses one or more of the National Science Education Standards for high school science content, as well as the Teaching Standards. The lessons employ best practices in attending to the interests, knowledge, and experiences of students and supporting classroom discourse.

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WL7001WB Real Life Chemistry
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WL7003WB Real Life Earth Science
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WL7004WB Real Life Physics
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WL7005WB Real Life Science (4 Book Set) $ 90.00