Science IWB Lessons
Item #: CC1171
Interest Level: Gr. K–8
Reading Level: 0
Components: Interactive Whiteboard Software on CD-ROM
Sale Price: $39.99


Enhance your student's learning experience with these highly interactive Digital Lesson Plans for use on any Interactive Whiteboard.

Create an opportunity for you and your students to get more involved in each lesson by delivering curriculum-based content in an innovative and highly-engaging format. Each readymade lesson contains 80 screen pages of Reading Passages and Before and After You Read questions. Complete with images, audio, video, Memory Match Game, Crossword, Word Search, Printable Reading Passages and Teacher's Guide. The Reading Passages are also paired with additional Comprehensive Interactive Activities. Each activity contains a variety of interesting questions and exercises that promote fun, hands-on differentiated learning. Flexible enough for both regular and remedial education.

Every interactive CD contains 2 versions of the lesson plan: A Notebook version to for use on SMART Boards™ and a Flash version for use on any other brand of Interactive Whiteboard. Each version is compatible with both Mac and PC. The Notebook version also includes a SMART Response™ Comprehension Quiz to test student's comprehension using the SMART Response clickers.

Item# Products Price
CC1171WB Global Warming: Causes
$ 39.99
CC1172WB Global Warming: Effects
$ 39.99
CC1173WB Global Warming: Reduction
$ 39.99
CC1174WB Global Warming Big Box $ 80.00
CC1175WB Force
$ 39.99
CC1176WB Motion
$ 39.99
CC1177WB Simple Machines
$ 39.99
CC1178WB Force-Motion-Machines Big Box (3 Titles) $ 80.00
CC1179WB Cells, Skeletal & Muscular Systems
$ 39.99
CC1180WB Senses, Nervous & Respiratory
$ 39.99
CC1181WB Circulatory, Digestive & Reproductive
$ 39.99
CC1182WB Human Body Big Box (3 titles) $ 80.00