Steck-Vaughn Test Preparation for the 2014 GED Test
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Interest Level: Gr. 7–Adult
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Components: GED Books, Workbooks and Instructor's Guide
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Steck-Vaughn Complete Test Preparation for the 2014 GEDŽ Test is a comprehensive program of skills,instruction, and assessment needed to prepare for the GEDŽ Test in one affordable volume.
This volume covers all four content-areas:

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Science
  • Social Studies



Steck-Vaughn Complete Test Preparation for the 2014 GEDŽ Test includes:

New Content
Access to more content not included in the individual subject area books.

Practice Tests
Practice tests simulate the GEDŽ testing experience as close as possible in a print format. The technology-enhanced item types that will appear on the actual computer-based GEDŽ Test are explained in detail and presented in a manner that closely mimics the online experience.

Answers with Full Explanations
Great for independent study and to determine readiness for taking the GEDŽ Test.

Calculator Practice
The Calculator Handbook features information and practice with the TI-30XS Multiview scientific calculator, the offcial calculator for the GEDŽ Test.

Performance Analysis Charts
Rate your scores with these individualized charts designed to help measure your strengths and weaknesses in each content area.

In-depth Extended Response Guidelines
Master the extended response on the Reasoning Through Language Arts Test using guidelines for planning, organizing, and evaluating your written work.

All Four Functional Subject Areas are also covered in separate volumes
Using Steck-Vaughn Preparation for the 2014 GEDŽ , learners will work through Student Editions and Companion Workbooks that cover the test s new subject areas Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science and Social Studies. Each book aligns proportionally to its subject-area test in rigor and content, and reading levels of all passages match thereading levels of the 2014 GEDŽ Test.

Student Editions (available in English and Spanish editions)
Steck-Vaughn Preparation for the 2014 GEDŽ offers two-page lessons built on a three-step instructional sequence that progresses from essential knowledge to more complex application.

Each lesson includes:

Learn the Skill A brief overview of the skill and its importance to success on the test.

Practice the Skill Callouts and highlights support comprehension and offer guided practice.

Apply the Skill Practice items that align with the main skill and learning strategies that help answer questions or further explain the skill.

As students demonstrate mastery, they simply advance to the next lesson. If students struggle, they can get additional instruction, support, and practice using the Companion Workbooks.

Reasoning Through Language Arts: The Student Edition provides complete coverage of topics and skills for the 2014 GED Reasoning Through Language Arts Test. Focuses on building reading comprehension, extended response items and language mechanics. 248 pagesReasoning through Language Arts
Mathematical Reasoning: The Student Edition provides complete coverage of topics and skills for the 2014 GED Mathematical Reasoning Test. Focuses on mathematical concepts in conceptual understanding, procedural skills and fluency, application,quantitative problem solving and algebraic problem solving. Mathematical Reasoning
Science: The Student Edition provides complete coverage of topics and skills for the 2014 GED Science Test. Focuses on key concepts that range in complexity in Life Science, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science and also includes content on Human Health and Living Systems and Energy and Related Systems.Science
Social Studies: The Student Edition provides complete coverage of topics and skills for the 2014 GED Social Studies Test. Focuses on the fundamentals of reasoning and conceptual understanding in Civics and Government,U.S. History, Economics, and Geography and the World.Social Studies
Student Companion Workbooks
To assist learners who need additional support beyond the Student Editions, Companion Workbooks (one for each subject area) provide at least twice the amount of guided and independent practice. Each lesson re-presents skills from a differentperspective. Additional practice lessons are built in a Review the Skill / Refine the Skill / Master the Skill format.

Spanish Editions
Make the respected Steck-Vaughn GEDŽ 2014 Test Preparation materials accessible to Spanish speakers. Presented entirely in Spanish, the series provides exactly the same organization and features as the English-language version. It provides a complete suite of skills, instruction, practice, and assessment for all four content areas:  Razonamiento a traves de las Artes del Lenguaje, Razonamiento Matematico, Ciencias, Estudios Sociales.

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LD4105WB Mathematical Reasoning Student WorkBook
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LD4126WB Mathematical Reasoning-Spanish Print Bundle $ 63.00
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LD4125WB Mathematical Reasoning-Spanish Student WorkBook $ 28.50
LD4101WB Reasoning Through Language Arts Student Edition
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LD4123WB Reasoning Through Language Arts-Spanish Print Bundle $ 63.00
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LD4107WB Science Student Edition
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LD4109WB Science Student Edition and WorkBook $ 58.50
LD4108WB Science Student WorkBook
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LD4129WB Science-Spanish Print Bundle $ 63.00
LD4127WB Science-Spanish Student Edition $ 34.99
LD4128WB Science-Spanish Student WorkBook $ 28.50
LD4110WB Social Studies Student Edition
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LD4112WB Social Studies Student Edition and Workbo $ 58.50
LD4111WB Social Studies Student WorkBook
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LD4132WB Social Studies-Spanish Print Bundle $ 63.00
LD4130WB Social Studies-Spanish Student Edition $ 34.99
LD4131WB Social Studies-Spanish Student WorkBook $ 28.50
LD4115WB Steck-Vaughn Test Preparation for the 2014 GED Test Instructor's Guide $ 35.99