The Power of Choice DVD Series
Item #: LV2601
Interest Level: Gr. 7 – Adult
Reading Level: 0
Components: Video DVD's
Sale Price: $64.99


This 12-part video series aims to empower teenagers to make good choices in their lives!

It teaches young people that they have the power of choice, that they are responsible for the choices they make, and that they owe it to themselves to choose the best.

Used as a springboard for group discussion, The Power of Choice is highly effective at triggering teenagers to talk openly about their personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and to look critically at how they make choices. Each program comes with a facilitator's guide filled with discussion questions, group activities, and writing assignments.

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LV2601WB The Power of Choice DVD $ 64.99
LV2602WB Acting On Your Values DVD $ 64.99
LV2603WB Self Esteem DVD $ 64.99
LV2604WB Coping with Pressures DVD $ 64.99
LV2605WB Drugs and Alcohol Part 1 DVD $ 64.99
LV2606WB Drugs and Alcohol Part 2 DVD $ 64.99
LV2607WB Drinking and Driving DVD $ 64.99
LV2608WB Sex DVD $ 64.99
LV2609WB Friendship and Dating DVD $ 64.99
LV2610WB Depression and Suicide DVD $ 64.99
LV2611WB Communicating with Parents DVD $ 64.99
LV2612WB Raising Your Parents DVD $ 64.99
LV2613WB The Power of Choice Complete Series (12 DVD's) $ 700.00