THS-R Test of Handwriting Skills-Revised
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Interest Level: Ages 6–18
Reading Level: 0
Components: Tests, Forms, Manual and Video

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Visual-motor integration difficulties can foreshadow learning problems

  • Visual-Motor (sensory) Integration
  • Ages 6-0 through 18-11
  • Individual/Group Admin.
  • Norm-Referenced
  • Testing/Scoring Time: 25 minutes

The THS-R is an untimed, clinical assessment of neurosensory integration skills evident in handwriting (both manuscript and cursive) that are often disrupted in students with learning difficulties. The THS-R provides standardized assessment of children's handwriting ability for both manuscript and cursive styles that can be used with any of the popular handwriting programs (such as Palmer, Zaner-Bloser, D'Nealian). The THS-R is not a classroom assessment of penmanship.

Results of the THS-R can be used to:

  • identify neurosensory integration problems
  • monitor progress of students with disabilities
  • determine if neurosensory integration difficulties are contributing to students' learning problems
  • guide instructional or rehabilitation practices

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Changes to the new edition include:

  • norms extended through age 18 (manuscript and cursive)
  • nationally stratified norms
  • simplified scoring procedures
  • clarified scoring criteria
  • handwriting exemplars that reflect current styles including D'Nealian, Handwriting Without Tears, Universal, and Zaner-Bloser
  • abbreviated administration procedures
  • scoring examples
  • scoring training video

Testing and scoring time approximately 25 minutes. The Manual now provides guidance on how the THS-R can be used for progress monitoring. Also included is a video tutorial to assist practitioners in the scoring process. Subtest scores are reported as scaled scores and percentile ranks, and an Overall standard score has been added. TheTHS-R was normed on 1,500 U.S. individuals.

THS-R Practical Guide to Handwriting
Available separately, the reproducible Practical Guides to Handwriting: Cursive and Manuscript provide numerous exercises for students who may be experiencing visual-motor difficulties.


Test Kit includes: (Manual, 15 manuscript test booklets, 15 cursive test booklets, 30 Record Forms) & Training Video

User Qualifications:

To administer this test at least a master s degree is required, with state licensure OR certification from a professional organization (ASHA, AOTA, APA, AERA, ACA, AMA, NASP, NAN, INS) that requires formal training and experience in ethics, psychometrics, statistics, and scoring and interpretation. Tests of perceptual, academic, and functional processes used in schools, clinics and rehabilitation settings are of this level. All test users, regardless of level and profession, are expected to abide by the standards set forth by the APA, AERA and NCME regarding the ethical use, protection and dissemination of all test materials. All orders for the products listed below, must be placed on official institutional purchase order forms or professional letterhead.

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