TLI The Listening Inventory
Item #: YA1081WB
Interest Level: Ages 4–17
Reading Level: 0
Components: Tests, Manual and Forms

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  • Multiple Behaviors
  • Individual Administration
  • Ages 4 through 17
  • Criterion-Referenced
  • Testing/Scoring Time: 15 minutes

The Listening Inventory is an informal behavioral observation completed by parents and/or teachers. The Listening Inventory is a first step to quantify behaviors to see if a child might need evaluation for auditory disorders and it can provide a starting point for discussions with the speech-language professional prior to formal evaluation of a child.

Six areas are assessed and index scores are derived for each. The areas are:

  1. linguistic organization
  2. decoding/language mechanics
  3. attention/organization
  4. sensory/motor
  5. social/behavioral
  6. auditory processes


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Statements in The Listening Inventory Form are rated on a 0 to 5 point scale. Index scores are compared to criterion-based cut-off scores to determine clinical significance. 

The Listening Inventory Form is easy to use, designed to automatically direct scores to the appropriate Index column for quick scoring. The manual contains background information as well as a guide for interpretation and use of the observations that were made. Profile forms are provided to assist with score interpretation using convenient graphs.

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  • TLI is a sensitive measure to identify those at risk for Auditory Processing Disorders (APD).
  • TLI is broadly tuned to identify a wide variety of APD characteristics.
  • TLI contains questions that help to identify four conditions that often overlap with APD.
  • TLI is a tool that requires about 15 minutes to complete and score.

Test Kit includes: Manual, 25 Listening Inventory forms, 25 Profile forms

User Qualifications:

To administer this test at least a master’s degree is required, with state licensure OR certification from a professional organization (ASHA, AOTA, APA, AERA, ACA, AMA, NASP, NAN, INS) that requires formal training and experience in ethics, psychometrics, statistics, and scoring and interpretation. Tests of perceptual, academic, and functional processes used in schools, clinics and rehabilitation settings are of this level. “All test users, regardless of level and profession, are expected to abide by the standards set forth by the APA, AERA and NCME regarding the ethical use, protection and dissemination of all test materials. All orders for the products listed below, must be placed on official institutional purchase order forms or professional letterhead.

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