Top 20 Jobs Series
Item #: RE1741
Interest Level: Gr. 8–Adult
Reading Level: Gr. 3–4
Components: Reproducible Student Activity Books
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Learn About Today's Hottest Jobs! Career Exploration | Life Skills | Training | Salary | Future Outlook | High School Degree Jobs | Skilled Labor Jobs | Associate Degree Jobs | Bachelor's Degree Jobs. From expected job growth and average salary to learning about the education, skills, and training needed, this relevant series is sure to help students as they explore today's hottest careers!


From fitness trainer to fire fighter and even air traffic controller, this series features easy-to-read lessons and activities featuring the 20 fastest-growing jobs for 2022! And best of all... whether training is primarily done on-the-job, at a trade school, or requires an Associates' or Bachelor's Degree... these are relevant and often high-paying careers... RIGHT NOW! 


Lessons and activities guide students through what a 'typical' day looks like as they consider occupations that might be a good 'fit' for themselves. Students will even be exposed to jobs they might never have heard of or realized they might be good at! Comprehension questions follow each reading passage and challenge students to stay focused, improve their reading skills and learn more...


  • What is the expected job growth in the next 10 years?
  • What is the average salary?
  • What kinds of skills are needed?
  • What kind of training is required?
  • What will I be expected to do?
  • and more...

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RE1741WB Today's Hottest High School Degree Jobs
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RE1742WB Today's Hottest Skilled Labor Jobs
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RE1743WB Today's Hottest Associate Degree Jobs
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RE1744WB Today's Hottest Bachelor's Degree Jobs
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RE1745WB Top 20 Jobs Complete Series (4 Books) $ 45.00