White Lighting Nonfiction Book Series
Item #: SB4021
Interest Level: Gr. 5–9
Reading Level: Gr. 2–3
Components: High Interest Readers
Sale Price: $179.00


Hi-Lo Informational Texts for Middle School

Take a look inside White Lightning Books® Nonfiction, a Hi-Lo nonfiction series for students in the middle grades. Mature, high-interest topics pull in readers and engage them with interesting information; full-color photographs and illustrations; detailed graphic elements including charts, tables, and infographics; and fascinating facts. A 20-word glossary is included for vocabulary support.

Each title is 64 pages with images interspersed throughout the book to support the text. The titles cover contemporary topics that capture the interest of students in middle school. These are books students will want to keep reading!

Item# Products Price
SB4021WB White Lighting Nonfiction Book Complete Series (15 Titles)
$ 179.00
SB4022WB Alaska's Iditarod Lexile Level HL350L
$ 11.99
SB4023WB Navaho Code Talkers Lexile Level HL250L
$ 11.99
SB4024WB Stephen Hawking: His Life and Legacy Lexile Level HL300L
$ 11.99
SB4025WB Superbugs Lexile Level HL250L $ 11.99
SB4026WB The White House Lexile Level HL330L $ 11.99
SB4027WB Children of the Holocaust Lexile Level HL300L $ 11.99
SB4028WB Cryptocurrency Lexile Level HL280L $ 11.99
SB4029WB Deadly Bites Lexile Level HL340L $ 11.99
SB4030WB Digital Worlds Lexile Level HL320L $ 11.99
SB4031WB Droids and Robots Lexile Level HL300L $ 11.99
SB4032WB Esports Lexile Level HL360L $ 11.99
SB4033WB Flight Squads Lexile Level HL320L $ 11.99
SB4034WB Olympic Games Lexile Level HL310L $ 11.99
SB4035WB Working Dogs Lexile Level HL210L $ 11.99
SB4036WB World Cup Soccer Lexile Level HL320L $ 11.99