World Continents Series
Item #: CC1073
Interest Level: Gr. 4–10
Reading Level: Gr. 3–4
Components: Teacher's Resource Book
Sale Price: $16.99

Activities engage students and build the full range of critical thinking skills essential for reading comprehension and understanding of the concepts. This collection of Teacher’s Resources is based on the Bloom’s Taxonomy six levels of thinking. Each 60 page book contains a color teaching guide, reading passages, student activities, tests, answer keys, and 6 color overhead transparencies. Each Big Book contains the contents of all the books in that series (170 pages/18 transparencies).

Using the Five Themes of Geography, students will discover far away places and exotic lands. Learn what makes each continent unique, from the wilds of Australia's Outback to the ancient Egyptian Pyramids in Africa. Learn about the mistral winds in France, and the busy subways of Hong Kong. Our resources present geography concepts in simple language and vocabulary that makes learning a breeze. Save time with our information passages and ready-to-use activities for independent, small-group or whole-class learning. Each book includes 12 color overhead transparency maps, 12 blackline student maps, a crossword, a word search and a final quiz.

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CC1073WB North America
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CC1074WB South America
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CC1075WB The Americas Big Book
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CC1076WB Europe
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CC1077WB Africa
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CC1078WB Asia
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CC1079WB Australia
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