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Careers Curriculum
Reproducible for individual classroom use
Interest Level: Gr. 5–12
Additional Components: Reproducible Student Workbooks
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The books in this series are designed to meet new career education mandates that began with career exploration and discovery in elementary and middle school, and progress through planning and pathways in high school and beyond. The student-friendly,graphic format speaks to students of all ages.Job Tracks: 60* Great Careers has received the ForeWord Reviews' Book of the Year Silver Award and 2013 Benjamin Franklin Awards Silver Finalist. Learn more about “what's out there” in... Read full description

WORK WORDS: Job/Business/Career Words and Terms You Need to Know!

When a boss asks you to check the invoices, don't go listen to the office voicemail. Even the best Work Wordsstudent can get tripped up by business vocabulary when starting a first job. Don't stumble on your words - get ahead and be ready with a new “working” vocabulary! WORK WORDS: Job/Business/Career Words and Terms You Need to Know! introduces students to the fast-paced jargon of the working world, all defined and described in easy-to-understand English.

Be prepared with the vocabulary you need in the business words. Add words to your vocabulary from all parts of the business world:

  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • And more!

Brush up on your WORK WORDS: Job/Business/Career Words and Terms You Need to Know! and avoid an embarrassing mix up on the job! Set yourself ahead; catch up on all the real-world vocabulary you'll need when you start working.

“Why be embarrassed when you can be empowered by knowing 'job speak' BEFORE you even get the job?”

Business Ethics and Etiquette for Students-You MUST Know These!

There will be a code of etiquette that applies in the workplace, regardless of where you go to Business Ethics and Ediquettework. There are also ethical principles that you need to know about before working with any business. Being well versed in workplace professionalism will set you apart from the crowd when you start your first job. You don't have to head into a new job, now or in the future, without knowledge of business ethics and etiquette. Now, you can be prepared. Business Ethics and Etiquette for Students-You MUST Know These! teaches kids what employers look for in their employees, as well as what your coworkers will expect from you, all from author and entrepreneur Carole Marsh as she shares everything she has learned about professional success in her years as a business leader.

“Fascinating and quite a lot of material covered. Anyone can benefit from this double-whammy of info book!”
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GA1351WB Job Tracks: 60 Great Careers
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