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ELT-2: NU Expressive Language Test-2 Normative Update
Interest Level: Ages 5–11
Additional Components: Manual, Stimuli Book, Record Booklets and Sequence Cards

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Measures spoken language expression and flexibility. Ages: 5-0 through 11-11 Testing Time: 30 40 minutes Administration: Individual This ELT-2:NU is unique in that the language skills tested are those commonly identified by researchers, teachers, and clinicians as the most predictive of classroom learning difficulty. The test has four subtests (Sequencing, Metalinguistics, Morphology/Syntax, and Defining Categories). Its results can help identify those children with true expressive... Read full description
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YP2031YT ELT-2: NU Complete Kit
Price: $250.00
YP2032YT ELT-2: NU Examiner's Manual
Price: $97.00
YP2033YT ELT-2: NU Stimuli Book
Price: $62.00
YP2034YT ELT-2: NU Examiner Record Booklet (25)
Price: $56.00
YP2035YT ELT-2: NU Picture Sequence Cards (16)
Price: $44.00
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