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PCI Reading Program
Interest Level: Gr. K–Adult
Reading Level: Gr. 0-3
Additional Components: Multiple Component Program
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The PCI Reading Program is a scientifically research-based curriculum created specifically to teach students with developmental disabilities, autism, and significant learning disabilities to read. Designed as a three-level system, the program helps nonreaders learn to read step-by-step, first through whole-word visual discrimination and then through basic decoding using onsets and rimes. As students progress through the three levels, they learn to read 405 words and become more independent in... Read full description
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PX2071WB PCI Reading Program Level 1 Complete Kit

Price: $751.49
Sale Price: $683.00
PX2072WB PCI Reading Program Level 2 Complete Kit

Price: $808.99
Sale Price: $735.00
PX2073WB PCI Reading Program Level 3 Complete Kit

Price: $889.99
Sale Price: $809.00
PX2074WB PCI Trace and Read WorkBooks Level 1 (Set of 5)

Price: $81.49
PX2075WB PCI Trace and Read WorkBooks Level 2 (Set of 5)

Price: $81.49
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