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TIPS Test of Information Processing Skills
Interest Level: Ages 5–90+
Additional Components: Tests, Forms Manual and Software

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> Administration Time: 30 minutes The TIPS provides clinicians with quick and reliable measures of how well a person processes information (letter strings) presented visually and auditorily. Although TIPS had its genesis in the Learning Efficiency Test (R. Webster, 1981, 1992, and 1998), it features new items, new subtests (Delayed Recall and Word Fluency), new scoring procedures, and new national norms (N=3,314). TIPS Performance Relates to:... Read full description
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YA1161YY TIPS Complete Test Kit
Price: $185.00
YA1162YY TIPS Manual
Price: $75.00
YA1163YY TIPS Stimulus Card Booklet
Price: $60.00
YA1164YY TIPS Protocols (25)
Price: $50.00
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