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SB5 Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales Fifth Edition
WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts Not for children < 3 yrs.
Interest Level: Ages 2–85
Additional Components: Test, Manual, Manipulatives, Subtests, Routing Forms and Training Resources

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Widely known as the standard for intelligence measurement since 1916. Times: Approximately 5 minutes for each of 10 subtests Administration: Individual The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales Fifth Edition (SB5) is a collection of 10 subtests, providing Nonverbal, Verbal, and Full Scale IQ scores and other diagnostic indexes, offers highly reliable assessment of intellectual and cognitive abilities, based on a large normative sample of 4,800 individuals, ages 2 to 85+. Under the... Read full description
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YP1161YY SB5: Complete Kit
Price: $1375.00
YP1162YY SB5: Manipulatives Kit
Price: $315.00
YP1164YY SB5: Complete Test Kit and Interpretive Manual
Price: $1425.00
YP1165YY SB5: Examiner's Manual
Price: $185.00
YP1166YY SB5: Interpretive Manual
Price: $159.00
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