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UNIT2: Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test Second Edition
Interest Level: Ages 5–21
Additional Components: Test, Manual, Record Forms and Object Kit

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A fair assessment of intelligence for individuals who have speech, language, or hearing impairments Testing Time: Abbreviated Battery: 10-15 minutes; Standard Batteries: 30 minutes; Full Scale Battery: 45-60 minutes Administration: Individual Features All new normative sample. All new studies of reliability and validity, including studies of diagnostic accuracy, particularly rigorous techniques involving the computation of sensitivity, specificity, and receiver operating... Read full description
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YP1251YY UNIT2: Complete Kit (without case)
Price: $880.00
YP1252YY UNIT2: Examiner Record Forms (25)
Price: $91.00
YP1253YY UNIT2: Examiner's Manual
Price: $160.00
YP1254YY UNIT2: Object Kit
Price: $125.00
YP1255YY UNIT2: Complete Kit (with case)
Price: $1000.00
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